Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a shout out to all you wonderful mothers out there, hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm excited to be celebrating my first Mother's Day. I can't wait for the little handmade cards to arrive when my little man is older. That will be a joy.

On a sadder note, this day signifies the first day my baby won't be nursing anymore. We are officially done breast feeding and I'm kind of down about it. I have to just get over the fact that we didn't make it to a year, it's a bummer. He got a bottle first thing when he woke up today instead of nursing and he took it pretty well. After he drank the bottle he turned his head and started sucking on my neck but other than that he did pretty well with the change. We made it to nearly 10 months (ten months old on Monday), not bad. We switched him to Similac Organic formula and he seems to like it. I've been trying to offer it to him in a sippy cup instead of a bottle and he's doing pretty good during the day but still prefers the bottle in the morning and evening.

Last of all here is a picture of my two favorite men in the world, they make all this "mommy" stuff worth while.

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