Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby proofing

I came across an article in one of the parenting magazines about baby proofing your house. They say it's a good idea to start baby proofing around six months. I have almost an eleven month old baby and haven't even started. Oops. We're talking not even an electrical outlet cover in place. I figure what's the hurry? My child will sit where ever he is placed and will contently play with the toys around him with no interest in moving around. I figure I'm several months away from having to even think about baby proofing.

One thing we did do was finally lower the crib down to the lowest setting. I did that yesterday. It cracks me up, the crib has been on the highest setting (around 12 inches below the top of the crib) ever since he came home from the hospital. I figure he'll start pulling up one of these days and it would be awful to hear a THUD and find out he pulled up in his crib and fell out. So down it went. Now the poor kid looks like he's laying at the bottom of an elevator shaft....he's so far down there. Oh well, at least I don't have to think about baby proofing right now, if he ever starts crawling that will be another story.

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