Saturday, May 3, 2008

Celebrate good times

Another birthday has come and gone. I'm the big 2-9 now. First birthday as a Mom. Only one more year until the not so dreaded 3-0. I think my thirties will be a fun time, looking forward to it. My pal Jessica, her hubby and two children came over to help me celebrate. Here is my cake Jessica made. It was mighty delicious.

Here is Alex stuffing his face.

Here is Jessica enjoying it.

We hung out and had fun. I got to hold her new little three week old baby girl Abby. It is truly hard to believe Wesley was ever that small!

Wesley wanted to "hold" her too...with his kung fu grip that is.

We all had a nice time, I got some fun loot. Jessica got me another wand to collect from the Harry Potter series. Yes I'm a nerd. My wand collection is growing quite nicely. This is my new one, pretty cool eh? Thanks Jessica!

And last is Wesley playing with Sean's hair, I just thought it was cute. My two men are too cute.

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