Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When I was still childless I always thought a kid could sit by themselves and play....entertain themselves. Boy was I in for a wake up call. My little man couldn't just sit somewhere and play with his toys or books without me or Sean being less than 5 feet away. Well, he finally hit the magic age when he'll sit and play with is toys by himself, and I might add it's WONDERFUL! I'll plop him down on the living room floor with toys all around and he'll just play and amuse himself for half an hour. Get this: I was able to make dinner last night while he was in the living room. That might not sound like much, but it's a huge step to our lives becoming normal again. I know once he becomes mobile it will be a whole different story but for now I'm enjoying the things the way they are.

His appetite is changing as well. He's nearly off of strained baby food. I haven't bought little jars of baby food in awhile now. He's still getting his food mashed or slightly blended because of the whole lack of teeth thing but the watery food is a thing of the past. We are trying all sorts of new food lately. Still haven't come across anything he just flat out won't eat. He's been getting a variety of beans mixed with chicken for dinner the past two nights, let's just say beans work on him the way beans work on all of us. It's been like a little band in his pants every evening. Funny stuff. My parents got us a little blender of sorts, it's similar to the Magic Bullet and I can just throw all of his food in it and blend it up in a couple of seconds. It works like a champ. I've been blending up our dinners if it is something I feel he can have yet. It is so nice to have him eating what we're eating while we all sit at the dinner table. It's a good feeling.

His dexterity is getting better every day. Lately he's been trying to throw balls. He'll pick up these little palm sized balls and crank his little arm back and try and launch it and it usually falls backwards. Then he looks around like "Where did it go?" It cracks me up. He's still not crawling or trying to pull up on anything. Just doesn't seem interested. He will pull up on your hands if you stick them in front of him but that's it. I think he's going to skip crawling all together.
That's all for now.

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