Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fashion sense

I've decided that my poor kid never looks well dressed on this blog. He's always pantless, with just a t-shirt and diaper on. This is how he looks when we are at home. I don't photograph him when we go places, so to prove that he does look normal and decently dressed in public, here he is before going into town this morning.

Looking all cute in his new pants and hand me down fleece jacket. Since he's not walking as of yet, he's still enjoying wearing crib shoes. Robeez are little leather flexible shoes that are more like sturdy socks than shoes. He likes them and they stay on his feet. I love em.

We went to the vet clinic to get some flea protection for the dogs since this time of year tends to be the itchiest for them. We are standing at the desk paying for it and Wesley is just chatting away...pointing at the dogs and yelling "doggie" and "kitty." The secretary was laughing and said "Wow, he has quite a vocabulary! He talks better than my four year old." Ummm...all I gotta say is yikes! Lets hope she's kidding.

So as soon as we get home he immediately transforms back into his normal fashion sense (looses pants, gains sweats, somehow gets bad hair). Oh well.

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