Friday, July 2, 2010

Catch up

Another late night. It seems I'm staying up later and later these days in a desperate attempt to complete some task or another. It's either I get up ultra early before the kids or I stay up late after they go to bed. I choose the latter. I'm not an early morning person. So for the last two nights I've been heading out to the shop to finish up the never ending chicken coop (this is the weekend it will be done!). I got all the hardware installed, latches, hinges, knobs, it's all done. I got every surface coated in paint since we all know what chickens are good at doing. I hope all this paint will make it easy to clean and disinfect every so often. Sean and Wesley were out working on the outside coop last weekend and made some good progress. It's all framed out and poultry wire has started going up. The plan is to complete the poultry wire this long weekend and get the chickens in it. I can't wait.

While I'm on the subject of animals I must admit my newest pleasure. I knew gardening would be fun for us but I never knew gardening would be beneficial to the horses. I plucked a carrot out of the garden the other day just to see how big they're getting, it was about the size of my finger. Figuring it wasn't worthy for a salad just yet I offered it the horses. Man did they think that was awesome! So now I wander back to the garden and pull them some carrots every day. Next year they'll each have a 30 foot row of carrots all to themselves.

Carrot eating horse #1

Carrot eating horse #2

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