Friday, July 16, 2010

Diary of a Potty Training Momma

Today was day one of big boy undies day (for Wesley not me). We got up and dressed and all was good. He went in the big potty three times without prompting. I was starting to think this might be easier than I thought! He was pumped to get new candy (gummie worms) and all went well until the first pool of urine appeared in the kitchen. He looked down in amazement at the puddle forming around his foot and declared that the dog had just peed. Poor guy didn't understand that he made the puddle. Thus instigated the second pair of undies and shorts. We then went outside during Sissy's naptime and he helped me water the flower pots with his watering can. He was chugging along going from pot to pot when I heard "Look Mom, I'm watering the ground!" I looked over to see his watering can sitting on the ground, unused, and yet another puddle forming around his foot. *sigh*

It was then that I taught my child how to pee on a tree. Not that I've had any experience in peeing on a tree or anything, but I understand the general concept. Point and shoot. He thought it was fun. On to undies and shorts number three for the day. Thirty minutes later another puddle. Now he's in a diaper and shorts number four. We'll attempt it again tomorrow. You're right Randi, it's like having a puppy in the house.


The Little Monkeys said...

BAHAHAHAHA! Pee on a tree...BAHAHAHA! awesome. I don't think I could get away with that in the city limits.

Granny Randi said...

Sean and Jeremy had a difficult time making the transition from peeing outside on the farm to not peeing outside "in town"! Rich still pees keeps the bathroom cleaner!

Little Man's blog said...