Monday, July 26, 2010

What's New

Another sick weekend. We are on our third cold of the summer and it's starting to wear one me. I've gotten away with not getting too sick the past two times the kids did but this time I got it. Sore throat, snot, head cold, coughing...the works. Now I'm hacking up all kinds of fun stuff. The kids are almost done with it. Wesley does pretty good with colds but Greta, still being a baby, doesn't know how to blow her nose so she's up a lot at night when sick. I really hope this is the last one of the summer.

Wesley and I with our snot plugs.

I know I keep talking about the potty training but I'm just in awe at how easy it's been. I'd say in a week now he's almost done with diapers (can we all say Hallelujah?). He still wears one at night but it's dry when he wakes up. I think we might try pull ups until I'm ready to bite the bullet and let him wear undies to bed. I can't tell you how proud of this little man I am. He's a trooper. I know this is TMI (too much information) but his pooping skills are getting better by the day. He hasn't had a poop or pee accident in like five days. He gets so excited when he poos in his little potty. He runs up to me and says "I peed a big turd in my potty, YEAH!!" It's a royal hoot.

My big boy in his safety goggles.

I got a random email last week from the lady that I purchased Buddy the goat from. I got Buddy back in 2006 so this was kind of out of the blue. She has a purebred Nubian doe that she's looking to place in a "retirement" home. She's not very old (5) but she's retiring her from her breeding program because she has huge udders that are difficult to hand milk. She knew that I gave Buddy a good pet home (somewhere he wasn't going to get eaten) so she looked me up. After asking Sean and he saying "whatever makes you happy" (love this guy), looks like I'm getting a new goat! Her name is Dym, short for Dymphna, and she is a sweet heart. Always the first at the gate wanting to be scratched or brushed. I'm so excited to get her, they are delivering her this week I hope. It will be nice to let the kids enjoy a really nice farm animal as my current ones aren't too friendly. Maybe we'll breed her once just to experience the joys of baby goats and milking. Maybe not, we'll see.

Isn't she cute?

Since I can't leave the youngest member of the family out, here is Miss Greta doing what she does cute. Not much new happening with Greta. She has dived head first into the land of adult food. She might get one jar of baby food a day now. She loves toast cut into strips, shredded cheese, bagels, tortillas, peas (I think she ate half a cup last night at dinner), little chunks of lunch meat and any and all fruit especially cantaloupe. That's out little foodie!

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Granny Randi said...

How about an alpaca...then I could learn to spin my own yarn! The picture of you and Wesley is adorable. Please give Wesley a big high 5 from Noni Randi and Papa Rich for his potty training successes. Miss and love you all.