Friday, August 20, 2010

Swing Set: Check!

One of the things on our shrinking "to do" list was build Wesley a swing set. We planned to build one from scratch but we've decided that one big building project was enough for one summer. The chicken coop took every thing out of us, and by "us" I mean Sean. Sean built 99% of that thing. So we decided to just buy one and get it built before summer was completely over. After doing quite a bit of research we decided on a Gorilla brand set purchased from Home Depot (they were offering free shipping on swing sets at the time which is quite a big savings). We liked the quality of the swing set, it's good thick cedar posts and heavy duty hardware. We were pretty disappointed with the shipping though. They said curbside delivery and showed up with a full size semi truck. We live on gravel roads and their pallet jack couldn't even move on the gravel. They ended up placing the boxes just off of the road. One of the boxes was ripped open and boards scattered all over the back of the semi truck. It's frustrating when a company has one job, to get my package from point A to point B, and they end up damaging the packages. Oh well.

We spent several hours unloading the three big boxes and inventorying the countless pieces of wood and hardware. Turns out nothing was missing, but a few were blackened from sliding around the truck...we just put them blackened side down.

One excited little boy

The goat is out back with us all the time and thought the swing set was one big scratching post

Rock wall and ladder installed

The deck floor was then put down along with the deck posts

Then is was time for the slide (what Wesley was waiting for) and the swing arm

Greta stayed entertained out on her quilt with big brothers old juice box


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Stacy said...

Now this is cool! I'm going to have to show this to Nate and challenge him to do the same! I love it.