Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet Dym

I'm going to need to update the title bar. We are now the proud owners of a super sweet dairy goat named Dym. It was an adventure getting her here involving a blown tire (on the previous owners vehicle) and then a trip into the service station with three adults, a goat and a flat tire in our Vibe. She rode wonderfully in the car. It made me laugh to look in the rear view mirror and see a 130 pound goat standing there. That car has hauled everything now including two goats and four geese. Fun times!

Dym is settling in nicely in her new home. We have a slight delimea that arose last week at her previous home though.. She went into heat and their buck jumped the fence and bred her. Oops. I wasn't really looking to have baby goats in the near future so they gave me an injectable drug that will end any pregnancy that might have (and probably did) occur. She's a Nubian goat and the buck that "got friendly" with her was a Boer buck. The thought of baby goats has grown on me quite a bit but the thought of her having those precious little babies in the dead of winter (she's due the end of December) makes me nervous. Plus I'd be learning how to milk a goat in January. That just doesn't sound appealing to me. So, my decision right now is to give her the shot, end this pregnancy, and take her back to be bred to their registered Nubian buck this fall....which would result in Easter babies (kids). Then I'll get to learn how to milk when I don't have to worry about frostbite and I won't worry too much about loosing those kids to sub zero temperatures. Plus, I know me....I won't be able to part with those kids (goats normally have twins, but triplets and quads aren't unheard of). So this way I'll have registrable babies that my children could possibly show in 4H when they get older. See, I'm thinking ahead. :)

The kids adore her and she's the nicest animal I've ever owned. Wesley is having a lot of fun with her already. He took her treats today and even let her try on his hat. She just stood there and soaked up the attention. Such a nice animal. Welcome Dym!

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