Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Wednesday Write-Up (a day late)

-The drought is over it seems. We got our first rain a couple of weeks ago and you could almost hear the grass start growing again. Everything greened up overnight and we even had to mow again after our two month mowing hiatus. I was mentioning to Rich how it's amazing what two inches of rain can do to a lawn that no amount of well water can achieve.  I watered and watered with well water this summer and it kept it from dying but that grass was not thriving at all. Rich said that there is nitrogen in the air and rain washes it down onto the grass and that's what greens up a lawn so quickly.  Things I never knew. That man knows everything. Seriously.

-Sean has been working on his corvette out in the shop fixing little things that he noticed on the drive home from picking up. The brakes needed a little work and the dash was flickering on and off so he got those things fixed. Today was officially the first day to drive it to work. He was excited and I was super excited for him.

-Every day I pick Wesley up from kindergarten and the first thing out of his mouth is "What did you and Greta do today?". He's very curious about how much fun we have while he's at school. He gets very let down if I mention we went to the park or out to eat. So now I have to "skip" portions of our day so he feels like he's not missing out on something fun while at school. He's really excited to go to school every day and I'd hate for him to start dreading it because he feels he's missing out on something at home.

-Greta is officially in her "why" stage. Everything word out of her mouth is "why?". For example:
Me: We have to go get the mail.
Her: Why?
Me: Because the mail lady came and it's sitting in the mail box.
Her: Why? 
Me: Because that's their job, to deliver the mail.
Her: Why?
Me: .........Because that's the way it is.
So that's my new phrase. All the time. "Because that's the way it is." Sigh. Fun times!

-I'm officially a coffee drinker. I love it. I've finally figured out why everyone likes it. Only took 33 years. Not real sure how I managed in the morning before I started drinking it. These early mornings getting the kids out the door to school are almost doable now. I'm drinking half decaf and half caffeinated in the mornings so I don't have the jitters and then a nice mug full of decaf in the evening while watching tv and sculpting. The evening cup has kept me from raiding the cupboards in search of snacks so it's a good thing. The mornings I go running I have full strength and it really helps me move.

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Granny Randi said...

I would imagine that Sean had a cheshire cat grin on his face when he left for work!