Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My trim carpenter

Three day weekends are wonderful! Every weekend should be a three day weekend. I was able to totally waste an entire day shopping, eating out and goofing off while still getting a major project done on the two remaining days. I suppose *I* didn't exactly do the major project but I contributed. I decided this was the weekend to finish the trim. I've mentioned that when we did the major floor renovation back in April that we had to rip out all the existing floor trim because it was, literally, installed into the grout and tile (that we had to rip out). So off to Lowes I went with the intention of buying unfinished oak trim, stain, polyurethane, paint brushes and a set of new saw horses and spending most of Sunday staining trim. I get to the trim isle and am treated to the most amazing sight. Low and behold they sell already stained trim. In our color! I mean, seriously, what are the odds? I was so excited. It was either $9.80 per 10ft strip of unstained trim or $14.80 for a stained 10ft piece. I needed 10 strips, so it was a difference of $50. This was a no brainer. I figured I'd spend $50 on stain, brushes and saw horses and then waste an entire day staining (which is one of my lest favorite projects).

I lugged it home and yesterday Sean installed it. It looks wonderful, he did such a nice job. I told him he missed his true calling. I kind of got used to the lack of trim since it's been gone for four months so to see it all done is so exciting. I just keep staring at it. Another big project crossed off the list. Thank you Lowes for selling stained trim (in our color no less), sure made my part of the job painless.

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Granny Randi said...

Congrats on the trim...Ours is still missing!