Friday, September 28, 2012

Girls Day

I've figured out the key to Greta's happiness lies in keeping her busy. That little girl gets angry when she gets bored. If Greta isn't happy, Momma isn't happy. So this week I did everything possible to keep her active. We went to a park we haven't been to in awhile and then we spent the afternoon at the mall yesterday. She's been napping very erratically and almost always passes out in the car. So once I got to the mall I knew she'd be sleeping so I parked the car and read the owners manual. This new car has so many features to learn I figured reading the owners manual would be helpful. The only thing I found interesting was that it said I should keep the car as light as possible to extend the range of the battery.....which meant it suggested only keeping the gas tank a 1/3 full. Gas is heavy. Things I wouldn't have thought of.

Greta woke up and it was lunch time so we wandered into one of the restaurants in front of the mall, one I'd never been to. I asked the gal at the counter what she liked and she said the Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps were good so that's what I got. Golly were they delicious! It even prompted me to go home and look up a recipe that would mimic them. They are going on our menu for sure.

Greta snarfed down some garlic cheese bread and even posed for a cell phone picture.

They only way I can drag her to the mall is if I promise she can go play in the play zone. She's breaking out of her shell and loves to find other little girls there to play with. I figure it's a good thing to keep her social for these next three years I've got her home with me. I'm sure preschool will help too but that won't start until next fall.

It was a nice day, now what to do with her next week?

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Granny Randi said...

nI love the middle picture!
Lettuce wraps are sooooo good. Haven't had one for a while!
Miss and love you all!