Sunday, September 23, 2012

Greta's 3rd Birthday

My little girl turned three years old on Friday and we celebrated with a nice little party on Saturday. Greta was so looking forward to seeing her cousins, Aunt Betsy and Uncle Blake. They were counting down the days there at the end of the week. She had a princess party with princess decor and cake to boot. I believe she went through three different wardrobe changes in the span of the party. Wanting to show off all of her favorite princess dresses. That girl is in love with her clothes (I can't imagine where she gets that from). It was a great day full of smiles and laughter and I appreciate everyone that made it special. Lots of pictures to share.

My beautiful birthday girl.

Opening her presents with a little help from Alex and Abby.

She was in Barbie heaven. 

Baby Bennett was hamming it up, what a doll!

The non-birthday boy opening up a present. 

Time for some chow.

There was supposed to be three princesses, but at 11pm I decided else wise. 

Bennett, Betsy and myself.

My Dad shares a birthday with Greta. He enjoyed his presents as well. 

Barbies and a Barbie house, we are going to have some fun play time! 
Can't forget the yearly hat picture. This one is still my favorite.

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Granny Randi said...

I'm so sorry I miss Greta's birthday, but Papa Rich enjoyed it for both of us!
Love you all.