Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Romancing the Trash Pile

I'm going to file this in the "odds and ends" category. Focusing on the odd part mind you. Last week was a bit of a rough week having two sick kids and a really sick husband home. I was running here and there, toting kids to and from the doctors and hoping and praying I would stay well through it all. Monday morning I'm standing at the kitchen window enjoying my coffee when I notice something over by the horse trailer. We have an old piece of furniture that needs to go to the dump sitting by the trailer and there was a pig perched up on this piece of wood. Yes, a pig. A really ugly, brown pig. He was, uh, having his way with this old piece of wood furniture. It ranks up there with some of the stranger things I've seen in my life.

I, of course, went over there to see if he was wild or tame. He didn't run from me and even let me touch him if I had cat food. He smelled awful. He decided to hang around for most of the day (can't imagine it had anything to do with the can of cat food I gave him). Might have been he just couldn't drag himself from his new girlfriend (my trash pile). He played with the dogs and really enjoyed the watering hose during his day stay with us. Naturally, every neighbor in a 5 mile vicinity showed up on my front porch asking if the strange pig that was frequenting their houses was mine. Luckily he wandered off after two days and I haven't seen the stinky pig since. Thank goodness.....because I really don't need another animal around here.

Here he is romancing the trash pile.
One ugly, stinky pig.

A bit of a ham with the hose.


Barb said...

Aww, how funny! I would have loved to see you add a pig to your Menagerie picture:)

The Menagerie Momma said...

Ha Barb! I thought if he stuck around I might have to put him somewhere. Hubby is sure glad he wandered off, I am too.

Granny Randi said...

Of course you need a piggy to add to the zoo! WE had three show up, but they were very cute!