Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Truck Bed Progress

There has been progress made on the auction truck we bought in February. I left it off in the last post with the removal of the truck bed to access the fuel pump which was replaced. While the bed was off and on jacks in the shop Sean took the opportunity to fix up the rusted bed. He first took out the goose neck hitch that was in the middle of the bed. This, of course, left a big gaping hole that needed to be patched.

Sean found a truck bed repair panel for around $40 on Amazon that was already formed to the bed. He cut it down to fit and welded it on. He cleaned up the rust and got the bed ready for a coat of paint. He used tractor enamel from the feed store and it coated nicely.

Now it's time to get the bed back on the truck. Although I have kind of gotten used to the truck without the bed....looks like a farm truck. We ordered a bed liner and new hitch so it will be all spiffy in no time.

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John Kraft said...

Nice job on the bed repair!