Friday, April 14, 2017


Boy spring has sprung around here! I love this time of year. So much to do, and it's fun stuff! The garden is being planned and I got a fresh plot rototilled this past weekend. We generally rent a rototiller from the local rental store but we've decided it's time to stop relying on the rental store and just start accumulating the things we use most often (tiller and trailer are the top two). So we bought a little electric tiller made by Sun Joe. It's a 16 inch, 13.5 amp tiller that I just hook up to an extension cord.

For places away from the house I use the generator that is placed on a little wheeled garden cart. It worked great! It helps that it rained all last week and the soil was in perfect condition to till. I will admit that the reviews were correct saying that you'll feel like you wrestled an alligator when you're done. My arms hurt and felt like jelly afterwards. It was quite the work out.

I tilled up a 6X20 foot plot up by the house to just be a big flower garden (I might mix in some cucumbers). I like the idea of attracting and feeding the bees with a big flower garden. Can't wait.

It doesn't look like much now, but it's going to be packed full of zinnias (my favorite garden flower).  The back garden will be full of tomatoes and squash. We are looking forward to the blackberries arriving and I planted three raspberry bushed yesterday. So I hope to have raspberries next year. Yum!

Sean spent the weekend working on the F250 trying to make it start better. The fuel pressure has always been weak so you have to turn the key on and off several times until the pressure is high enough for it to start. He decided it was time to replace the fuel pump which, of course, is under the bed of the truck. So after watching a few YouTube videos and enlisting a little help (thanks Mom and Dad) we got the bed of the truck removed. Turns out an engine hoist works great. He was able to replace the fuel pump and now if starts great! Yeah!


John and Julie said...

I like the idea of a garden closer to the house. Nice to know the truck fuel pump solved the issue...

Granny Randi said...

Sean is so much like his dad...he just figures things out. You'll have a great truck when he's finished!