Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Flowers, Goats and the Runaway Pup

One of my favorite things in spring is all of the beautiful flowers. I love planting flowers that we can all enjoy throughout the year. I'm kind of a cheapskate so I love to carouse the discount racks at the back of Lowes. You know, the racks where the not so pretty flowers go? It's a great place to find some real bargains, and save them before they end up in the trash can. I scored four new Knockout Roses (carpet roses that bloom all summer) for $5 a piece, originally $19. They were back there because they weren't blooming anymore. I also got several of the flowers to go in the pots on the deck from the discount rack. They all perk up and look beautiful in no time. Here is my sweet Greta helping me plant the pots. She's quite the helper.

I was out taking pictures and the goats beckoned me over to their pen with their loud hollering. I let them out in the small fenced off area of the walnut grove to keep that section mowed periodically.

They are usually in the dirt pen with the horses and I make them come out into their pen to eat the weeds and poison ivy. They stay out there for about 10 minutes and then cry to go back into the horse pen. Strange animals. They would rather curl up on the old hay mound in the sun than eat grass in the shade. Oh well, I try.

Winston has gotten into the bad habit of running outside whenever anyone opens a door. He lies in wait until you barely open it and then shoots out before you even know what's happening. He only runs into the fenced in backyard so it's not a matter of him running off or anything. But it is super annoying. He also won't let you catch him. He trots around and evades the kids as they try to catch him. I've been doing a lot of research on how to train him not to run out and also not to run from us. We'll see how well he can be taught. Little stinker.

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John and Julie said...

Any chance you could teach Winston to herd the goats?