Thursday, May 18, 2017

Puppy Power

Last month we had to pleasure of watching my parents dog, Dieter, for several weeks while they went and explored the South. Dieter didn't know what to make of Winston and all of his energy. Winston just wanted to play with everyone and all the other dogs are senior citizens. He finally, after a week, got Dieter to start playing with him. I'd sneak into the living room to find Dieter chewing on an upside down Winston. Winston enjoying every minute.

Wesley takes the pup outside every afternoon into the back yard to let him run and expel some of the never ending energy. Last week Wesley came running inside to tell me Winston had jumped up on one of the round hay bales. They are big bales and I couldn't believe that tiny dog could do it. But he did.

The fun part of play time in the back yard is that nobody can get the dog to come back inside. We have to nearly tackle him and then carry him in. Wesley's gotten pretty good at it.

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John and Julie said...

Man, that dog can climb!