Sunday, May 28, 2017


The kids and I did our annual outing to the pond supply store to get our fish for the koi pond. I always know it's time when the mosquito larvae start populating the water. My enthusiasm for the koi pond has been wavering over the past few years. The April clean out of the pond has been at the bottom of the fun list of spring chores.  It's just nasty. I have to drain the brown leaf filled water, then scoop out or blow out the composted leaves. Then I have to chop off all the cattails that are taking over. All the while dodging the critters that call it home.....I'm referring to a particularly large snake. Filling it in has crossed my mind but when it's all said and done I like it. I enjoy the sound of the fountain running and the koi swimming around. I like my kids catching snails just like I used to when I was a kid.

The pond store that usually has giant stock tanks full of varying sizes of koi and goldfish only had one small tank this year. Apparently they are downsizing their animal sales and focusing more on supplies which was a bummer. We got three koi that are quite a bit smaller than normal. They should do a good job at eating all the larvae. That is if the snake doesn't eat them.

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John and Julie said...

I like the looks of the pond. I hope the fish survive or perhaps you can get the snake trained to eat mosquito larvae instead.