Monday, November 17, 2014

First Snow

We got our first snow of the year yesterday. Apparently it was the earliest snow since the 1970's. Pretty impressive! It was only a few inches at most but it made for a fun day. Hubby was ecstatic that he got to try out the Range Rover on snow. It was the Rover's maiden voyage in inclement weather. We all piled into the vehicle and took it into town for a pizza lunch. It did great. Sean has done a fabulous job bringing it back from the dead and making it a reliable winter vehicle. I married quite a mechanic.

The kids were super happy about the snow too. When I got up yesterday I came into the living room to find this sweet little girl sitting and watching the snow fall outside the window.

They got bundled up and went outside with Sean to play. I then heard the John Deere garden tractor start up (it's pretty loud) and the next thing I see is the kids getting pulled around the yard on the sled. Perhaps the days of pulling the kids around by hand are over. They are getting heavy!


John and Julie said...

So glad the Range Rover is working well. Sure looks nice!

Granny Randi said...

The picture of Greta watching the snow is precious!

Enjoy the snow! Love to you all.