Monday, November 10, 2014

A little early

I went to the grocery store today for my weekly food shopping and was amazed at the sheer amount of people there. The parking lot was stuffed, there weren't hardly any grocery carts parked inside. It was baffling to me. So asked the check out girl and she said when the weather turns cold there is always an influx of people getting supplies. I suppose that makes sense. We are getting ready for some seriously cold weather starting tonight which I'm a little anxious about. It seems a bit early for 20 degree weather and I'm hoping all the outside animals will adjust. Dym, the older goat, is looking good weight wise going into this winter. I'm hopeful she'll do ok with the low temperatures.

We have one of the minion kitties inside in the upstairs bathroom. Brother kitty decided to screw up his eye somehow in the span of an afternoon (he was fine when I let him out that morning and it was all nasty and bulging that evening). That was two weeks ago. We've been into the vet twice now for different meds and antibiotics. The prognosis isn't good at this point. His eye is cloudy and weeping. Pretty sure he's blind in it and it will have to be removed. Poor kitty. He's going back into the vet this week to see if it's salvageable after all the medicine we've tried.

The kids and I were driving into town last week and turned on the regular easy listening radio station we listen to and discovered they had started their yearly tradition of 24 hour Christmas music. It seems rather early to me but the kids were ecstatic! They morphed into "Christmas frenzy mode" immediately. When we got home they got a pen and paper and wrote out their Christmas list while surfing Amazon for ideas. Greta dictated what to write and Wesley wrote it. Three pages later (front and back) they are done. They drew up a countdown calendar that is taped to each of their bedroom doors and excitedly cross out each day when they wake up. It's pretty funny considering they have 45 more days to go. They really wanted to decorate the house this past weekend but I pushed them off until next weekend. It will be a nice cold weekend (maybe with snow!) which will make for a lovely weekend to decorate the house for Christmas.

Creative Greta made this Santa beard for Sean.

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Granny Randi said...

Greta did a great job on her dad's beard!

It's hard to believe that this year is almost over. I don't know where the time goes.

I miss the kids' excitement over Christmas. They sure do make it special.

Hope your kitty is doing better.