Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weekly Winners

The kids are doing well in school. Wesley is the class leader in Rocket Math (a timed math test). He must get his math skills from his father. :) Greta likes preschool but hates for me to leave. It's a struggle but I hope it prepares her for kindergarten next year.  She writes her name well and has even started spelling out words on her own (I'm sure it's because of her big brother). I've been blowing dry her hair after her baths and her curly hair is actually pretty long when it's straight!

We decorated for Christmas last weekend. I get just as excited as the kids to decorate the house. It's very cozy and I try to do it as early as possible (I'd do it the day after Halloween if it was socially acceptable).

I took the camera outside with me when I fed the animals on Sunday during the snow storm. The miniature horses are a bit on the crazy side normally but the snow makes them psychotic. They are entertaining little creatures.

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Granny Randi said...

Wesley rocks the math! Congrats!
Greta's hair looks sweet! Wish mine would do that!

The kids did a great job on the Christmas tree.

Miss and love to you all.