Friday, November 14, 2014


Poor Brother Minion had his eye removed on Wednesday. I took him in to the vet for the third time on Tuesday and the vet said we could try some more medications in the hope of saving the eye (even though it would be non functioning) or we could remove the eye. Brother Minion had been miserable and stopped eating that morning and I was getting more than a little tired of hauling him (and Greta) into the vet clinic each week so we opted for eye removal.

He's been home for a day now and he's a whole new kitty. Nearly back to his normal self.

Here is his before picture, he'd been on eye ointment and antibiotics for a week. This actually looks better than it did before antibiotics. Yuck.

Here he is now with the eye removed. He's a bit of a frankenkitty now but so much happier. He'll be resting and recuperating inside for awhile.

He might need an eye patch.