Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter Confidence

Hubby and I have been having a reoccurring conversation lately. It goes something like this:

Me: "Winter is coming up soon and we need to reconsider our current car choices."

Hubby: "Yes, I can't drive the corvette in snow and ice....we need something or I'm going to have problems getting to work."

That is pretty much where we leave it off because neither of us know what to do about it. We have other vehicles but they are just as worthless on snow and ice as his corvette. We sold the one car that was awesome in crappy weather, the Vibe. Why did we sell it? Because it was the back up for the back up car (the conversion van). Which is silly. Perhaps not the smartest move. So that's where we were.

I always said I don't want any more vehicles around here until we get rid of one. It's starting to look like a used car dealership. So we got rid of the Focus yesterday. The Focus was a lost cause. Hubby put a bit of money and time into getting it running, which he succeeded in. It ran. It just didn't run well. So he lost interest and gave the project to his Dad. Perhaps Rich could get it running well and use it as a commuter vehicle back and forth from his travel trailer to our house every weekend (a two hour+ drive). He worked on it and put another chunk of money and time into it and finally decided he was beating a dead horse. So yesterday we loaded it up on the car hauler and dropped it off to be sent through a local car auction. Hopefully someone else will have better luck. I'm just excited that it's gone!

So now enters our solution to the snow and ice issue. We needed a four wheel drive vehicle and low and behold my father has yet another project that Sean was interested in. So we bought it from him. It's a 1995 Range Rover. It had been sitting at his place for several  years so last Saturday Rich, Sean and my Dad went to work tinkering on it. Rodents had decided to chew through many electrical lines so it was a challenge. But after a couple of hours and some true MacGyver fixes, they got it started. Now Sean has his newest project in the shop and he's like a kid in a candy store. Can he turn it into a reliable winter vehicle before the snow arrives? Something tells me yes.

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