Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fed up

You know how I said I was having a bad week in the last post? It started out when I did my annual ankle sprain last Thursday. Once a year I do my stupid human trick of falling down some stairs. There is just something about how my ankle lands when my foot goes down. I've got wussy ankles. But this time was different, this time my foot swelled up instead of my ankle. Like the top of my foot. It was strange. I got to use crutches for the first time. I couldn't even put any weight on it. Horrible horrible pain. So I decided on an x-ray just to make sure it wasn't broken. Yea for unnecessary radiation! It wasn't broken, thankfully. Here I am a full week later and my poor foot has got some pretty freaky bruising going on.

So then to add to my pretty rotten week Miss Greta gets sick. Really sick. The fever started at midnight and wouldn't go away. Fever reducers only took it down a degree at a time. It finally got up to 105.7 on Sunday evening so Greta and I went to the ER. Poor little gal was so warm. They took a urine sample while there. Have you ever asked a four year old to pee in a tiny cup before? Because that was an experience. She firmly decided that there was no way she was going to urinate into a cup. I offered her a quarter and she jumped on that toilet. I had to hold the cup and let's just say that most ended up on my hand and not in the designated container. Ugh.

Turned out to be a urinary tract infection. They put her on Bactrim, an antibiotic, and she's almost back to her crazy self.

That was Sunday night. Now Wesley has the fever. Will all this sickness ever leave?


Granny Randi said...

Maybe next year you should sit your butt down and not move! Better yet, sit on your beautiful deck and have chai brought to falling!

Glad Greta is feeling better. High fevers are very scarey.

Barb said...

Glad to hear that Greta is feeling better. Hope you and Wesley are doing better soon!

The Menagerie Momma said...

Thank you both for commenting, everyone is back to normal and I can walk again. What a week that was! Yep Randi, no more stairs for me.