Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loose Teeth, Zinnias and Kick Boards

I'd like to say there is something fun and exciting to blog about but alas there isn't. It's a pretty slow Tuesday morning. Sesame Street playing in the background with the super annoying voice of Elmo resounding against my ear drums. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard. But it entertains the four year old while Mommy drinks her tea and catches up on the internet. I realize I haven't blogged in nearly a week because there is just not much of anything to blog about around here. Just everyday happenings. Wesley has his first loose tooth. I can't believe my oldest is old enough to be growing in his permanent teeth. That's just crazy. He's doing great in first grade. Still happy to go to school and learn. We'll get to talk to his teacher tomorrow at parent teacher conferences to see how he's doing. I'm looking forward to that.

Greta and I are a little sad to report we had our first freeze this weekend. You see, her favorite past time was running back to the garden and picking several zinnias and making bouquets for everyone she knows.

The zinnias were so pretty this year. Coming in nearly all colors and standing taller than Greta. I'm thinking next year it would be neat to have an entire garden devoted to zinnias. They are definitely my favorite garden flower. But they are all brown and dead now. It makes me a little sad. I promise Greta we will plant more in the spring and that makes us both happier.

One of my fall projects was to preserve a large amount of basil. I had researched it and decided on the food processor method where you chop it all up in the food processor and slowly add olive oil to make a paste. Then you pack that into ice cube trays and freeze it for future use in sauces, soups and (my favorite) pesto. Naturally, I kept putting it off and the freeze got to the basil before I did. Boo. That will teach me, next year do it before October.

Hubby and I did manage to get the new horse shed (nearly) completed this past weekend. It went up pretty easily and the animals seem to like it. We just extended the roof line of the existing shed and made a new 8 foot by 10 foot enclosure. So now the goats have an 8X10 building and the horses have an 8X10 building. I'll get some pine shavings down and a nice layer of warm straw spread before the frigid weather moves in. Now all that's left is to get a gallon of paint color matched to the shop color and give it another coat of paint (it already got one coat on the outside and bottom) and to put up kick boards on the inside. Kick boards are to protect the siding from the inside.....goats and horses are pretty rough on everything.

That's about all for now. I hope everyone is having a nice week!

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