Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Projects

Cool fall weather means a spike in outdoor projects and activities. This past weekend was our towns little Fall Festival. It's cute and quaint and the kids get super excited about it each year. That's mainly because of the candy, but I'll take what I can get.

When that was done I hopped in the truck and filled up the back at Lowes. What do you think is being done with all this?

Five sheets of siding, six roofing panels and a couple of bags of concrete = a new animal shelter of course! The current horse/goat shelter was only meant for one miniature horse and one goat. Yeah, well now we are on two mini's and four goats. It gets a bit cramped in there in winter and a new shelter was on the list before another winter hits. Sean got the holes for the 4X4's dug and we got the framing up on Sunday. Not bad for a few hours of work (the goats were a big help...yea right!). We'll finish it this weekend if the weather cooperates.

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