Friday, October 11, 2013

The Patch

I've had to keep Wesley home two days this week due to the creeping crud that has swept through my house. Wesley was running a pretty high fever on Wednesday. Now ever since having a kid with a 105+ degree fever, I don't feel like 104.7 is high anymore. High enough to keep him home, obviously, but not "go to the ER" high. Thursday I kept him him home for good measure. Problem was Greta and her preschool class was scheduled to go to the pumpkin patch on Thursday. So I either had to make her miss it or bring el sicko kid with us. Wesley wasn't that sick, just had a sore throat. I decided to bring him and I'm glad I did. We had a great time! I'm almost thinking of taking him out of school next year when her class goes again.

Greta and her best friend Lucy.