Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Wednesday Write-Up

-My little boy is officially enrolled in Kindergarten. *sob* This is going to be a rocky time for my emotions, I know it. He's been here with me for five years and I just can't imagine him away at school. He just doesn't seem like he's old enough, even though he is. What I'm really worried about? Keeping Greta entertained for the 7 hours he's at school. They play all day together and she is going to be so bored without him. There are upsides though. I can start doing my grocery shopping during the week again! No more wasting a weekend morning pushing a cart around. With just Greta in tow I can grocery shop while he's in school. That will be nice. So in exactly a week I'll have a kid in school. Yikes!

-I finally took myself out to see Magic Mike. I couldn't find a single person to go see it with me....I suppose that should have been a sign. It was bad. Very bad. People were walking out of the theater. There was no story line. But there were some very good looking men dancing around in hardly any clothing so it kind of evened out. I just couldn't get past how old Matthew McConaughey looked. He was like this overly tanned, wrinkled, glitter covered, mostly naked dancing man. Scary stuff. Overall, not a bad evening out by myself.

-Took the kids to their annual physical exam yesterday. Turns out I have one kid that's a beef cake and the other that is underweight. Miss Greta is sitting in the 90% for height and weight and Wesley is in the 50% for weight. His growth curve has leveled off and he's been sitting at 42 pounds for the past year. He keeps growing taller but not heavier. So the doc told me to start feeding him more and to try and get more calorie dense foods in him. Easy for her to say! That boy has absolutely no appetite ever. Getting him to eat any meal is a chore, so trying to get him to eat more is going to be near impossible. But I'm going to try! Even if it means getting Ensure and sneaking it into him whenever I can.  Project: "Fatten That Boy Up" is in full swing.

-Lastly I will share what happens when I don't watch Greta for 6 minutes. Whenever she's hiding behind the drapes doing's never good. At least it's just a green marker instead of the diaper cream like last time.

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Granny Randi said...

Greta is very fast! Love the picture.

I cried when Nathan and Jeremy went to kindergarten. When Sean went, I have to admit I did about 100 yippes! Sean was bored to death and a royal pain without his brother. Have fun!

Miss you and love you.