Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's a good day

It's a lovely day outside. My memories of past Augusts have been a far cry from this one we are in. The weather has cooled down, there is a Fall feel in the air. The cracks are slowly closing in the yard and new growth is showing. I'm sitting here typing this while the aroma of dinner fills the house (beef tips...yum!) and a loaf of bread is baking in the bread machine. The kids are running around screaming outside and the boys (Hubby and Father-in-law) are out putting the finishing touches on the tractor. Actually they are fitting the blade on the front of it and then all that will be left is to show me how to run it. I'm looking forward to that!

Being a mom to a new kindergartener has been exciting. I have all this new found time on my hands and I've had fun finding ways to spend it. Greta and I had a girls day out on Thursday which consisted of going to the mall and wandering about looking at clothes. I promised her some time in the play zone (a big play area in the middle of the mall) and she had a blast making a new friend and playing. I discovered American Eagle has all their jeans on sale and picked up a really cute pair that looks great with my new pair of boots. I'm embracing fall even though it has yet to arrive. :) I then treated her to a lunch at McDonalds and an ice cream cone. I think she's enjoying this Mommy time as much as I am.

Wesley is doing great with the transition into kindergarten. He seems to be excited about his day when he gets home. He's not a very talkative little guy so we have to really pry to get details of his day out of him. I'm just happy he's learning new things and being social. They have a colored star system to let the parents know how their child is behaving during school. The best is purple then blue, green, yellow and red. You don't want to see your kid come home with a red star. Wesley got all blues and we are hoping that is a continuing theme. He's a good kid I'm not worried about his behavior. All in all we are adjusting to this big change well. 

I've started running more with the change in the weather. I almost forgot how much more enjoyable it is to run when it's cool! I have a race coming up the middle of October just to keep me motivated even though it's just a little 5K. They have a half and a full marathon with this race but I just can't wrap my head around another half marathon right now. I'm thinking one of those a year is enough. Rich brings up his bike with him when he visits and I borrowed it the past two weekends just to change up the workouts which has been nice. That prompted me to dig my bike out of the shop, get new tubes for it and ask Sean very nicely to put them on. So now I get to go riding on the weekends. I forgot how much I like bike riding (it's literally been 10 years since I rode a bike).
It was an all around good day, I hope you all had a nice one as well.

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Granny Randi said...

Glad you enjoyed your day! Miss you bunches.