Monday, February 27, 2012


-Lent started last Wednesday and I decided to give up sweets. We're talking cookies, cake, candy....pretty much anything with sugar in it. I thought it would be easy but it's been rather difficult. I didn't think I ate many sweets but it turns out I would sneak stuff during the day without even realizing it. You know, opening a package of gummy snacks for the kids and taking one before handing the package over. Or eating the leftover half cookie that the kid didn't eat for lunch. Even ice cream has been calling my name and I don't even like ice cream. I give the kids some and usually eat what is left over on the spoon. So yeah, it's been tough. But nothing prepared me for what the hubby brought home last week. My willpower hasn't ever been tested as much as when he sheepishly plunked down six boxes of Girl Scout cookies he got from work. Two whole boxes of Caramel Delights, my personal favorite, which he got just for me (such a sweetie). So I promptly cleared the back of the freezer, shoved five boxes back there and stuffed food in front of them to hide them (Hubby ate the sixth box). They will hopefully be forgotten until Easter when I can devour them in their entirety. Six short weeks from now. Nom nom nom.

-Let us bow our heads in mourning of Greta's nap. It's done. No more. I stick her in her crib, lay her down, cover her up and she spends the next hour singing songs, dancing in her crib, pulling stuff off her walls, chewing on her crib....doing anything but sleeping. Then yesterday she learned how to climb out of her crib. So I give up. It's a sad sad day. No more peaceful hour to myself while Wesley is at preschool. It's ok though, she now joins Wesley in his quiet time with cartoons and does pretty good. The upside to all this? She goes to sleep promptly at 7:30pm and sleeps all night until 8:30am. RIP nap time.

-There is something wrong with the dog. Cody, the black lab, sleeps in our living room each night. The other two dogs sleep in their crates. Cody never liked the crate, even tried to do himself bodily harm to escape from it. This arrangement has worked pretty good until about six months ago. Every night he wakes me up once or twice and I let him outside. He runs out there, does his business and runs back in.  It's getting old. It's like having a baby in the house again. I'm exhausted. He's got me trained well and I just don't know how to curb it. If you leave him outside he barks all night to get back in. If you take the water dish up he wants to go out to get a drink. If you leave the water dish down he drinks all night and has to go outside to urinate. So darn frustrating.

-I'm back out on the road running. Yesterday was the first run since I sprained my ankle four weeks ago. The doctor said 1-2 weeks for it to heal, yeah right! Apparently I'm a complete wuss bag. It's still not "right" and gets all stiff at times. But it did pretty good on the 6 mile run/walk I did yesterday (mostly walk). I'm glad to be back to training....that half marathon in April will be here before I know it.

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Granny Randi said...

Bye Bye nap least she's ready for bed at 7:30! On to the next stage!

Can you limit Cody's water at night? I did that with Hilde and she sleeps all night.

No sugar for 40 days...I'm so sorry!

See you very soon.