Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Rewind

We've had three days now at 100 degrees out. The grass already crunches under my shoes and watering has become my second job. Summer is here. The time had come for a pool, so this weekend I went and bought one. Wesley couldn't be happier! He's been in it all weekend and is all smiles. Greta is a little apprehensive at the idea of placing her little toe into the cool water, so for now she plays and splashes big bro from the sidelines. I think if I got in then she'd get this week I'll be donning a swim suit (gasp!) and joining the kids.

In the meantime, Miss Greta has found the water table and is quite at home playing in the water that way. She loves to wash rocks and show me how pretty they are.

It was such a nice day that the chickens got to come play in the dog kennel, in the shade of course. They are currently molting and look horrible. There is one that seems to be in a constant state of molt and gets picked on often. Poor chicken. I guess that's where the term "pecking order" comes from. I remember reading in one of my poultry books about how you want your chickens to look a little rough and's the sign of a good layer. If that's the case, then I've got the best layers around. They are still giving around 7 eggs a day. I tell my "laydies" thank you each and every day.

I couldn't not add this cute picture of Coco. She's the most curious and inquisitive little goat ever. She likes to lie, flat out, next to this wood fence then stretch a little until her head is under then she squirms a little and poof! She's on the other side of the fence with all the yummy backyard goodies to eat. I'm a little afraid I'm going to come home one day and find her back in the garden. I think a string of electric wire on the bottom of the fence will keep curious little goat from sliding under. She sure is a cutie.

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! Here's one last picture, aren't my kids too cute?!


The Lemonade Stand said...

now those are some ugly chickens. :) The one with the naked neck is especially beautiful, lol. Kids are cute though.

Granny Randi said...

Thanks for the new pictures...the kids...all of them...are adorable! I love Greta's hair. Miss you all.