Monday, June 20, 2011

Catch up

What a long, hot weekend it was. We had our very first garage sale over at Jessica's house. It was the city wide garage sale weekend so we hauled out all of our unused, well loved baby gear, clothes and toys. I couldn't get over how many people came! We sold all but a few things and those things I sold this morning from Craigslist. You wouldn't believe how cleaned out the garage is, it's wonderful! It's so nice to know we are done with babies and are able to get rid of big stuff like the stroller, high chair and portable crib. I also cleaned out all the old toys from the basement. I never knew there were that many toys down there. Ugg. Trash bag after trash bag was loaded in the truck. It was so invigorating! Made a little cash too, a win win situation!

Jessica with the giant amount of baby clothes.

 Hubby started working on tile removal in the middle of the house this weekend. We bought a cheap little air hammer last year and he was able to get about 35 tiles and hour chipped up. These are being removed because of the foundation work we had done. They had to place piers under the foundation and slab and had to remove large chunks of tiles (none of which I can find replacements for). I'm so excited to have this project finished and nice new carpet put in it's place. It will be glorious.

Wesley enjoyed watching Dad work, always had his safety goggles on.

Home improvements are on the brain apparently. We've rented some scaffolding from the local rental place and plan to start tearing down more rotten siding. It's a big job and one that hubby isn't looking forward to. Plus it's been raining all the time lately. Our spring rains came late this year. It's been difficult finding a weekend with no rain in the forecast.

Greta is officially eating at the big table now. No more high chair for our baby girl. She loves being  part of it all and it's nice having the table full.

Enjoying her first ice cream cone! Yum!

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Granny Randi said...

Of course you had a lot of toys to sell...remember all of the garage sales you went to!
Good job on the you think you'll ever get done with your LIST?
Love the pics of the kids. Miss you and love you very much.