Sunday, October 17, 2010

A long pumpkin hunting, Birthday wishing, poo scooping post.

I wonder if this is how life is now. Go go go. Hardly time to stop, except to wipe snotty noses. I wiped a lot of snotty noses today. Not the clear dripping snot, but the green snot rockets that hang past their chin. Gross. Cold number two since preschool has started. I think I shall keep a tally. I need to get both kids in for their flu shot but I want to take them in healthy. I'm thinking that may never happen. Preschool is still worth it.

We made it to the pumpkin patch with Wesley's preschool class last week. We had fun. It was a beautiful day. You couldn't ask for more. I'm finding Wesley is super clingy when I'm around. He won't venture out to try anything new when he can hide behind my leg. I really tried to get him to go play with his preschool class but all he wanted to do was hang with Sissy and I. Oh well. It was enjoyable.

Wesley and his class of cutie pies (he's still the cutest of the cutie pies, he's third from the left).

First year in the barrel train.

The perfect pumpkin for a three year old.

The perfect pumpkin for a one year old.

A lot has changed since the last time we were here.
They had this giant slide. It's steep but a lot of fun. Wesley decided to go down it all by himself (much to my surprise). But for some reason he couldn't keep upright. He was sideways, or upside down. It's like his tiny little butt wasn't big enough to keep him upright. Exhibit A:
Second time down. Exhibit B:
This weekend was nonstop as well. A lot was accomplished. First and foremost I want to wish a certain little boy named Alex a big Happy Birthday! He turned four years old today and we got to celebrate his birthday with him. I keep waiting for his mom to put up a blog so I can steal some pictures (pictures I took with her camera because I forgot mine)of the festivities but alas she hasn't blogged about it yet (come on Jessica, get off FarmVille and blog! hehehe). Wesley is lucky to have such a great buddy like you Alex!

We got several chores done this weekend. Sean got the Cub Cadet going and put the blade on front and pushed the horse manure around. After talking to the farrier awhile back about manure management, we've come to the conclusion that spreading the manure out so that it's no longer in piles allows it to compost on it's own and it really keeps the smell down. So instead of making big piles we are now just pushing it around with the garden tractor. Seems to work. I think I'll miss all the compost piles next spring when I'm getting the garden ready though.

Rocky is deciding if he has the guts to reach out and bite Sean.

The farrier came out today to trim up the two mini's. He makes it out about every 8-10 weeks. It's nice to not have to attempt to trim them on my own anymore.  I'm happy to report that Rocky didn't bite the farrier this time. Crappy little horse bit him in August. I've never seen a grown man swear that much. Rocky got a good smack for that one. He did some rearing and fancy footwork today but no biting. He's a handful for a 250 pound horse. Reminds me of a hyperactive 12 year old boy. You can't turn your back on him.

The chickens got to get out of their pen for the day yesterday. I figure these beautiful days are on their way out and Winter will be here before we know it. Better let these birds eat grass and bugs and be chickens while there are bugs and grass to eat. It is time consuming carrying eight chickens, one at a time, from their coop to the dog run. I think they appreciated it though.

I'm looking forward to slowing down this week and enjoying this beautiful fall weather! Hope everyone has a nice week.


The Lemonade Stand said...

Hey missy. I wasn't farming. I was cleaning up the massive destruction from having no less than 5 children in my house all weekend. And I did blog about it. So there. :-)

Granny Randi said...

I love the new pictures...makes me miss those little ones even more. Can't wait to see you all.

The Lemonade Stand said...

p.s. I'm gonna need the photo of us all if ya don't mind. I'm gonna do a pumpkin patch post soon. :-) I can't click on it to save it. Won't let me.