Saturday, October 9, 2010


During Greta's nap today Wesley and I walked up to get the mail. Hand in hand we walked until we found a scattering of the most beautiful red leaves on the driveway. They were a deep red and begged to be picked up, which we did. We each picked up a few, Wesley put a few in his pocket. On we went. There was a little voice in my head telling me "We don't have any trees with little red leaves on it". Didn't think much about it until we started walking back to the house at which time I started looking around for the tree with the pretty red leaves. No tree with pretty red leaves....a vine with pretty red leaves. Uh oh. I quickly emptied Wesley's pockets of his treasured red leaves and ushered him inside. A quick internet search revealed what I was afraid of.

Old faithful poison ivy. Ugg. So we stripped off clothing and put it in the washer. Wesley got a bath and I got a shower. Let us pray that will be enough to get all the oil off of our skin and clothing. We'll know in a few days. A rash from head to toe is something we don't need right now, considering all the colds we constantly are battling. Sean and I are just now getting over the last round. It took antibiotics and a steroid shot in the keister to help us through, that one was brutal.

We did have a very nice morning enjoying our annual city festival. We really pepped up the parade for Wesley telling him all about the candy he'd get. Boy was he not disappointed. It's enjoyable making new family traditions.

The coolest thing in the parade, a Boer goat trained to pull a cart.

The two candy hounds


Stacy said...

Cute photos! Hope you are all feeling better.

Little Man's blog said...

If you all end up with the dreaded stuff, take 25 mg of Benedryl at about 8 pm. It will knock you out and also act as a histamine blocker to stop the spread of the @#&* stuff. Start to finish is 3 weeks. Believe me, we're poison ivy experts in this household. I take benedryl like it's going ot of style when I have PI. If all else fails, get a cortisone shot.

Granny Randi said...

My mom used to bathe us in a cornstarch bath to stop the oozing! Lovely memories! Hope you don't get it.