Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Write Up

-The garden is still producing! I'm up to my elbows in bell peppers, tomatoes and carrots. I would have never thought October was a good month for getting veggies from the garden. I have two bell pepper plants and one had 22 bell peppers on it. Awesome! The horses and goats love their daily carrot treat, I'll be sad when the carrots are gone for the season.

-I'm officially back to work (at home that is). Greta has hit that stage where she's Miss Independent and I'm able to get stuff packaging up and shipping out boxes. My customers are happy that I'm back to sculpting and doing orders, especially with Christmas on it's way. Our banking account is happy I'm back to work too! It's a win win situation.

-Wesley is really enjoying Preschool. He's come out of his shell 110%. We go into the classroom and he turns around and waves at me goodbye, his way of saying "get outta here Mom!". He loves to hug and when I go to pick him up he tries to hug each and every classmate goodbye, some have no clue as to why this kid is hugging them. You can tell the kids that don't come from a "hugging home". It's precious.

-I'm officially not a minivan mom anymore. I enjoyed the minivan but didn't love it. I like vehicles that handle a little bit better and I don't like feeling like a soccer mom. I don't feel old enough to be a soccer mom :). We traded it in on a 2007 Ford Freestyle. It's got low miles and it will be great for our two big trips a year. The big thing was to find a vehicle that both Britax car seats would fit into. Those are big car seats! Greta is still rear facing (and will remain that way for as long as possible) so her seat takes up even more room than normal. This car fits them both wonderfully and there is so much cargo space. We are so happy with the upgrade.

-I'm still really curious to find out if Dym the goat will be expecting babies this December so I did a little research online. Turns out the only way to confirm a goat is pregnant is to take them to a vet to undergo an ultrasound. Then I read a story about a guy that took his goat in for an ultrasound, the vet said she was not pregnant and three weeks later the goat had triplets. Ha! So maybe that's not a viable option either. I wondered if human pregnancy tests could be used on goats and it turns out human pregnancy tests USE goat hormones to make that's out. Guess I'll just have to wait it out. I don't have a ton of patience so this is killing me! I just wish I KNEW whether to expect kids or not. She's due on Christmas day so that should be a fun time.


Jennifer said...

Hi, there is actually a lab now that can do a blood test to determine pregnancy cheaper than most vets will charge for an ultra-sound. I have never used their services but I have heard other goat breeders say good things about them. Just thought I would let you know.

The Menagerie Momma said...

Thanks Jennifer! I will check it out, I wonder how difficult it is to draw blood from Dym....and if it's even worth the effort?