Friday, September 3, 2010

Siding and Preschool

I've been a bad blogger. All I leave you with for over a week is pictures, boring I know. Things have been busy around here. It's funny to me how slow things can be and then for some unknown reason they pick up and I'm super busy. I guess that's just life. I have to admit that I'm just not ready for the weather to change. And it is changing. Quickly. The nights are getting colder and the days shorter. It's making me realize all the things we were unable to accomplish up until now and, of course, it is making us go into high gear to finish them before winter arrives. Luckily we are provided with a long four day weekend that starts today. What are we going to do with this precious stretch of time? Put siding on the house of course. When we bought the house there were sections of siding that needed replacing and when better to replace them? Why six years later! Let just say it hasn't been at the top of our "fun things to do" list. But this weekend is the weekend it will get done. It's not like we don't have the siding. It was ordered and delivered three years ago and has been sitting, stacked up in the shop. Guess we've just had too much on our plate the last three years. Babies will do that.

On that note, my oldest baby will be starting preschool on Tuesday. I'm excited, he's's a win win situation. We attended the preschool open house two weeks ago and I was impressed with the set up and the teacher. Wesley was shy that evening and spent his time sitting on Sean's lap while all the other youngsters played in another room. I just hope he warms up (socially) to all the other kids once we're not there. It will be a sink or swim situation I suppose. Tuesday should be interesting.
I hope everyone has a nice long Labor Day weekend!

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Sasha Victoria said...

I hope Wesley loves preschool as much as Sasha. It took her about a week to adjust to daycare after being one on one with Beth everyday. Hang in there if he has a hard time. I think he will really love it in the end. Sniff, Sniff... our babies are big Preschoolers now!