Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The egg waiting game

My "laydies" are getting big! I haven't blogged about the chickens in quite some time so I thought I'd share what's happening in the coop. Nothing. No eggs yet. Now hens don't start laying until they are roughly four months old and my gals are just now four months old. What's working against them is fall approaching. Fall (and shorter days) signal them to slow egg production. So they might not even start laying until next spring, which is a bummer...I'm so looking forward to fresh eggs. I have a plan though. To combat the shorter days I'm installing a light in the inside coop. The light will be on a timer and will come on before the sun comes up and will stay on once the sun goes down, in essence lengthening the daylight that the chicken get. This will fool them into thinking it's time to lay those eggs! I hope to get that installed this weekend as the days are already getting shorter. This will (hopefully) let me collect fresh eggs all winter. Hope it works!

I've been sprucing up their outside aviary giving them stuff to do. I figure being enclosed in a pen must be pretty boring so I added a big wire spool, a mountain of concrete (which they love!) and a wood A-frame to shed water from their food dish. I hope soon I can add a big branch from the oak tree to give them something to perch on.

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The Lemonade Stand said...

You'll never see a group of chickens more spoiled rotten than these. ;-)