Friday, February 24, 2017


-Over Christmas break we had the not so fun experience of waking up each morning to a woodpecker pecking on the bedroom side of our house. For some reason he liked this one spot and each morning about 7 am decided he needed to peck on it. So I'd throw on my red polka dotted bathrobe and storm through the front door then run around the side of the house waving my hands like a complete lunatic. This would, of course, scare the living bejesus out of the poor woodpecker. He'd fly off and life would resume. Then at 7 am the next morning it would happen again. This went on for several days before I got onto Amazon and ordered a big plastic owl (with rotating bobble head) to attach to the fence to scare away the blasted woodpecker. Before the owl arrived on my doorstep the woodpecker moved on never to be seen again. So now I have a rather large plastic owl sitting on my dining room table. I'll be ready next time, you hear that Mr. Woodpecker?


John Kraft said...

I wonder if you could 3D print an owl?

Hoofprints said...

You are seriously one of the prettiest people I know.

The Menagerie Momma said...

Well that's ironic, you're one of the prettiest people I know. :) Thanks Dude.