Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pinewood Racer

It's race time again! The cub scouts are having their annual Pinewood Derby race in March which means it's time to start making the car. They give each boy a block of wood that has two holes drilled for the axles and that's it. The rest is up to them. So Wesley drew the design on his block of wood and went out to the shop with Sean and cut it. I've since learned to stay in the house because I "hover" too much. A little too afraid he's going to lose a finger on the band saw. Sean's good and lets him do everything. He got it cut out and sanded this weekend, so he'll paint it and put the wheels on it next weekend. Good job Wesley!


John Kraft said...

These are great skills he is learning. Lots of good YouTube videos on how to make the cars fast.

Hoofprints said...

You guys are amazing. Wesley is going to grow up with more skills than he can count.