Monday, February 20, 2017

Boys and Their Toys

Sean has spent the last couple of weeks working on the truck. It's had quite a shudder when the brakes are applied and it was time to give it new brakes and tires. It got the works! New drum brakes on the back, new pads and calipers on the front, shocks and even a new master cylinder. It took a bit to bleed all the air out and Sean resorted to making a pressure bleeder which on the second try finally got all that air out. The brakes are back to feeling new again thanks to a very awesome and handy husband.

I do love that truck. I bought it new in 1998 and it's been with me through everything. I get a little sentimental about things and I don't plan on selling it anytime soon. But, it's not a very heavy duty truck. In fact, it's about as un-heavy duty as a truck can be. It's come in handy for light hauling and trailer trips to the dump and such but as for heavy stuff like moving milling machines and big round bales we've had to rent a bigger truck.

Since big round hay bales seem to be a yearly purchase we've been rethinking our truck needs. We need something with a heavy towing capacity and so the search for a new (to us) truck started. My Dad mentioned an auction that was coming up with quite a few trucks and we checked it out, putting in a low bid on one of the trucks. That low bid bought the truck. So now we are the owners of a 1999 F250 truck. It's a V10 with low miles for the year. It's got a 10,000 pound towing capacity that we are pretty excited about. I'm giddy about having a truck that will haul round bales with ease. And since I can't part with my original F150 we now have his and hers trucks.

The truck was a city truck and had decals that needed to be removed. I've never removed decals and after a quick YouTube video learned that a hair dryer, some fingernails and a little patience will remove it just fine.

In the same auction there were some CNC milling machines that caught the eye of Sean and my Dad. There were three they were interested in and one of the three went pretty high in price, so it was out. In the end Sean bought one and my Dad bought the other. Sean hauled them both home and has been tinkering with them in the shop. I'm pretty sure he's trying to collect as many milling machines as possible.

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John Kraft said...

I'm excited to see my milling machine. Also glad I can peruse the auction sites to find deals for you.