Friday, May 2, 2014

On the mend

I'm grateful to say I'm finally on the mend. Boy whatever that was really hit me hard. I finally stared feeling better on Monday but didn't have a stitch of energy. I was winded after climbing a few steps. My arms felt like they each weighed 50 pounds. It was so strange. That kept on until Wednesday when I finally dragged my rear end to the doctor. He said he'd be happy to do some chest x-rays and blood work to see what it was or he could just prescribe his tried and true steroid and antibiotic cocktail. I went with the latter and am finally feeling like myself again after a 36 hours on meds.

Luckily I felt well enough to participate in my birthday activities. I had a lovely birthday. My kids are at wonderful ages where they shower me in birthday wishes and adorable homemade gifts. We had a nice dinner with my parents at the local rib joint (the place with the rhino head as Greta calls it......which isn't a rhino at all but rather a giant buffalo head). Thank you Mom, Dad and Sean for a wonderful birthday.

It wouldn't be a normal day without some excitement. I was driving the kids home from school when we heard a pop and I glanced down at the cars display screen to see the right read tire with a big ol' 0 next to it's tire pressure. Luckily we were just around the corner from home so I did what I wasn't suppose to do and hobbled home on my flat tire going one mile and hour. It's not like I had a spare tire or a jack or anything and the tire wasn't fixable, it had a big jagged hole in it. I'm so done with these crappy Goodyear Assurance tires. The first one blew at 13,000 miles, the second at 15,000 and the third, yesterday, at 17,500. I feel like that last remaining tire is just a ticking time bomb ready to blow at the most in opportune moment. The next vehicle will have a spare tire, mark my words.

Being under the weather for a week and a half has caused so many things to pile up. This is, after all, spring planting time. I had to reschedule my rental on the rototiller until this weekend and I'm pumped to get the garden up and going. My seedlings are busting out of their pots. They need to be repotted but I'm just going to dump them in the garden instead, it's definitely time. They are outside as of this morning hardening off.

Greta and I are going in today to buy flowers and pots for the new deck. This is the first Spring I've had with a deck and by golly I'm going to decorate it up with colorful pots of flowers.


Barb said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you are feeling better.

The Menagerie Momma said...

Thank you Barb! :)