Monday, May 5, 2014

Little Singers

Greta had her preschool spring program last night. I gotta say I was a little worried about how she'd do since her recent behavior at preschool has been questionable. She's been dreading going to preschool for about a month now. Leading up to leaving the house there are tears and clinging. She's usually crying by the time we get there and then I have to, literally, pry her off of my leg and hand her to Miss Cindy. I have no idea where this development came from, up until about a month ago she loved preschool. When I go to pick her up she's always smiling and happy, it's just drop off time. Oh well, only three more classes to deal with that and then she's out for the summer.

She did great last night. Sang her heart out and no tears when I had to leave her up there on the stage. Thank goodness. I didn't remember my camera but I snapped a few pictures with the cell phone camera.

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