Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Activities

Last weekend we had a great time filled with friends and family and lots of food. We got the place all mowed and trimmed, koi pond finally cleaned out and refilled and tree limbs taken away to the green waste dump. The place looks nice. I always remember in spring why I love this property.

Our friends Tina and Jeff (my roommates from college) came over with their children and stayed for a bit and then took Bella home. It was nice to see them and my kids really enjoyed playing with their boys. Bella was so happy to see her family and know that she wasn't abandoned. We'll miss Bella but it was instantly less hectic around here once she left. She and our setter Sophie were mortal enemies and tried to kill each other on more than one occasion. It's nice not being the ring master to that anymore.

My parents came over on Sunday evening to celebrate a belated Mother's Day and early birthday for my mom. We tried something new on the grill: shish kabobs. We did shrimp and chicken with mushrooms, bell peppers, squash and cherry tomatoes. Very tasty! Will have to do them again this summer.

I love this picture.

My weekend project was enclosing a 30 X 30 foot square for the tortoises. I flagged it out last fall and we stopped mowing that portion so that the grass and weeds would grow as food for the tortoises when we got around to fencing it in this spring. As for the fencing itself, all we need to keep them in is a short wooden fence. So Sean dug the holes with the motorized auger we have (that thing has paid for itself many times over) and then we pounded in four foot 4x4's. Then this week I've been adding the 2x6 boards, three high to enclose it. I released the tortoises into their new 900 square foot summer home yesterday and I think they are thoroughly enjoying it.

Billy Bob the young Sulcata is one happy tortoise.


Hoofprints said...

Oh look. Your tortoises now have more living space than I do. Nice. Looks good though.

Granny Randi said...

The tortoises have more room than you did on Blaker St!

I think we should make some kabobs when you visit. They look yummy.