Friday, March 21, 2014


Yesterday I had to run into town to return some DVD's to the library and we stopped at Target to get the kids their shampoo. It's spring break and we don't have anything to do so we wandered through Target. Naturally the kids spotted the toy section and pleaded with me to go look at toys. I told them we can go look at toys but they need to understand we are not buying any toys today. We enter the first isle and Greta picks up some green monster doll and declares "I want THIS!" She clutches it tight and keeps pleading "Please Mom, she's so beautiful I NEED her!" Uh, what part of "we're not buying any toys" did you not understand? I said "Nope, put her back."

She then starts crying. Loud crying with tears running down her face. She continues to do this through the next isle where Wesley finds the Lego's. This would be the same Star War Lego's that he's currently playing on the Wii. He was totally awe struck that there are toys that match the game he's playing. He picks up the Lego box and starts excitedly twirling in the isle. That's when his head smashes into the metal display shelf. He grabs his ear and proceeds to start crying.

So, in total disbelief, I stand there watching my two kids cry in the toy isle at Target and I wonder WHY DO I TAKE THEM ANYWHERE?

Seriously. I'm completely burnt out and I've only had them home for 4 days. I'm officially scared of summer.

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Granny Randi said...

OMG...every parent's nightmare! Ask Sar about the time Dru has a full fledged tantrum in WalMart when he was 12!
Can't wait to see you!