Saturday, March 29, 2014


It's been an eventful week around here. My father-in-law officially retired yesterday. Congratulations Rich! He's been living 13 hours away from his house for two years now, driving up to visit us nearly every weekend. It's so natural for him to be here and very strange to think of him going home. I'm super excited for him though. I know it's been a long and trying two years. Living in a travel trailer for two years away from home and his spouse. Randi has been here for the week and they are to take off with the travel trailer for home soon. Well that was the plan anyways.

Rich's pickup truck decided to wait until the very last trip here to act up. They thought it was a transmission issue at first but when the engine started smoking and using gallons of antifreeze they pinpointed the intake manifold as the culprit. He was able to limp to our house yesterday after his last week of work. Sean found the intake manifold on Amazon (pretty sure they carry everything) and it was Prime so it was sitting on our doorstep two days later. So that's what the boys are going to be doing this weekend along with shopping for a new truck to get them home. Neither feel comfortable with the old truck doing the job. I think we'll be selling it for them once they mail us the title. So it's been an adventure figuring out how they'll get home. I hope they are able to find the right truck around here.

It's a good thing he's retired now and doesn't have to be anywhere by a certain time.

In the mean time Randi and I have been having fun with the kids and doing a lot of shopping. She's a fellow thrift store junkie so it's nice to have a partner in crime. We've hit the two closest stores and made out like bandits. Fun times!

Another bonus to having grandparents in the house? Sean and I were able to escape for a much needed date night last night. We decided on P.F.Changs. Sean had been there for a few times for work lunches but I'd never been. What a treat! It was so good. I got the Orange Peel Shrimp and it was divine. They gave me so much I get to enjoy it again for lunch today. It was a treat to get out and much appreciated. Thanks Granny Randi and Papa Rich!