Thursday, March 20, 2014

Full House

We had a full house this past weekend. My sister Betsy, brother in law Blake and the boys visited and my parents and Rich were also here. It was nice getting the cousins together to play. They are all getting to the age where they enjoy rough housing together.....and you throw my father in there and it's a whole bunch of rowdy kids. There was some epic hide and seek happening. It was fun.

We celebrated little Bennett's birthday while they were here. He turns three the end of the month. He's sure a cutie and growing up fast.

Since we had so many babysitters present, the ladies all decided it was our chance to go out shopping. We got some quality shopping time and found some excellent spring clothing deals. The kids need a whole spring and summer wardrobe so it's nice to get a few pieces out of the way. We went to Jason's Deli (my favorite) for lunch. Yum!

My sister and Mom.
Spring break is in full swing and my kids are pretty bored. Luckily it's decent weather so we've been outside a fair bit. I took them to the movie theater yesterday to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was a fast paced, well done movie. There were some scary moments and a little content that was too much for Greta (the discussion about removing entrails in ancient Egypt had her clutching to my arm). Wesley LOVED it on the other hand! He said it was soo good it brought tears to his eyes. Haha! That's a six year old for ya.

That is all that's happening around these parts. I've got a few more days to sleep in and then it's back to normal until school's out for the summer.

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