Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It keeps coming down!

Well we haven't floated away yet! The rains just keep coming and coming. It's nearly a daily occurrence of thunderstorms that drop inches and inches of rain. I do believe our drought is over. Ponds are filling up that have been bone dry for two years. It's simply wonderful to see green lush grass and a garden that is spilling over (with weeds anyways!). I just wish it would dry out long enough to get the mower through it all. But beggars can't be choosers.

One of the downsides to all this rain is that the shop has been flooding. The shop that houses my fresh new 250 bales of hay for the year. There is a sky light along the top of the shop to allow light in (which is nice) but it also is a weak point for leaks. The foam between the sky light and the roof has been separating and falling out which allows water in. So this weekend Sean and Rich got up there and riveted the sky light panels together (where the cats have been getting into the shop) and then sprayed expanding foam in the gaps. So far so good! We have a dry shop for the first time in a long time. Thanks Boys!

The rain has made everything grow so nicely. The strawberry bed has exploded! I planted strawberries around the base along with basil and pole beans in the upper tier. The pole beans did ok but the grasshoppers finally found them and ate nearly everything but then the morning glory from last year reseeded itself and took over. The basil is huge! Every week I go out and pick a big bowl full and make pesto. It's so delicious. Miss Greta loves to go out there and fish around looking for something (anything) to eat. She usually finds a strawberry or a tomato but will settle for a green bean.

If you'll remember I bought three goldfish this spring for the koi pond. The odds were decent that I'd get a boy and a girl fish and apparently I did because the pond is full of tiny little baby goldfish. I get quite a kick out seeing all those darting little fish. Perhaps I'll have to net a few out to save over the winter. Hope you all have a nice and (hopefully) dry week.

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Granny Randi said...

Your pesto is delish!