Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Wednesday Write-Up

 -I received notification from Greta's preschool that she will be attending the afternoon class this fall. I think it just dawned on me that I will be completely childless for a whole 5 hours a week starting the beginning of September. This will be the first time in some six years. I'm a little giddy.

-Wesley casually informed me that on occasion he tries urinating into the trash can (next to the toilet) instead of the toilet itself. I had to manually close my mouth when he said this. This might explain the urine smell in the toilet off of the laundry room. I've flushed the toilet constantly, mopped the floor, washed everything (except the trash can) and still can't explain why that bathroom always smells like urine. I don't understand the male species.

-Last week during some massive storms I was picking the kids up from VBS while listening to the weather reports on the radio. They reported grapefruit sized hail in a town about an hour away. Let's all just take a moment to think about what it would be like to experience hail the size of grapefruit falling from the sky. That scared the crud out of me.

-Well it finally happened. Black widow spiders have officially moved into our region. I found one living in our shop about a month ago and have found three more since then. I treated the perimeter of the house and shop with a Home Defense bug spray and immediately found one dead hanging on a web. We've lived with brown Recluse spiders (another poisonous species) forever but finding black widows just freaks me the heck out. Ick.

-I've decided to start running again. I'd taken the spring and summer off because I switched gears and started weights, which I love! Been hitting the weights three times a week pretty hard and am kind of liking the results. But I need to start incorporating cardio again (which I really didn't miss). So I've decided to run the 5K at our little towns fall festival. This might keep me going. I don't want to just show up like I did last year without any training. So twice a week I'm going for a run in the evenings. So far it's been easy to get back in the swing of it, in fact it feels good. Turns out I did miss running!

 -I've been needing a new show to watch in the evening while sculpting and working out and find it very hit or miss with Netflix shows but I took a gamble and started a show called "Damages". It's from back in 2007 and stars Glenn Close. I am totally hooked. What a thriller! I'm on season two now and am looking forward to getting through all five seasons. If you need a show, check it out!

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Granny Randi said...

Your darling husband peed in the sink! Must be genetic! I don't understand them either.

I loved Damages...Glen Close is wonderful in that role.

Enjoy your 5 hours of alone each week. You deserve it!